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Lets take detail information on topics financial services affiliate programs and which are the best affiliate programs. Best Finance Affiliate Programs

Below are our top recommendations for financial affiliate programs:

1. Microsoft QuickBooks

Intuit's QuickBooks is a full-featured accounting software manager. Individuals do not utilize it to manage their own finances. Accounting apps mostly use it to take business payments, conduct payroll activities, and pay bills.

Earn up to 10% commission on purchased subscriptions, or $25 per paid subscription.

Cookie's Life Span: 30 Days


• You will be given marketing assets to utilize on your website.

• Plans are offered for self-employed individuals, product enterprises, and service businesses.


• Only available to residents of the United States

•To participate in the program, you must have a website.

• $50 as a minimum payment


2ndSite Inc. launched Freshbooks, a web-based accounting SaaS application. It's intended for freelancers, small businesses, and service providers as cloud accounting software. This easy and intuitive technology, which has over five million customers globally, helps manage invoices and makes accounting easier and more effective.

Commission rate: $10 per trial signup, with a $200 trial signup upgrade.

Cookie's Life Span: 120 Days


• Cookie life extension • Adware, coupon, and trademark bidding affiliate protection

• A dedicated affiliate staff is available to address questions.


• Only available in countries where ShareASale is accepted.

• $50 in commissions as a minimum; or 5 signups

3. Bonsai

Bonsai is a payment app that allows you to shop online while earning discounts. What distinguishes it from the competitors is its environmental friendliness: for every ten payments made with a bonsai, the Bonsai team plants a tree. Bonsai thinks that having the greatest impact on the planet begins with a simple habit, which is how the app came to be.

Earn a $30 cash bonus when you write about bonsai and a 25% commission on paid memberships.

Cookie's Life Span: 30 Days


• Over 150,000 freelancers use Bonsai; there is still an opportunity for more

• Top performers receive bonuses in addition to commissions

• Simple affiliate sign-up form • Responsive team


• Freelancers already have payment site subscriptions • Not available in languages other than English


Turbotax makes it simple to file accurate federal and state income tax returns. TurboTax lets you prepare your tax return across all of your devices without saving anything on your computer. It asks you questions about your life and does calculations for you behind the scenes.

Commission Rate: Up to 15% if referred has paid taxes.

Cookie's Life Span: 7 Days


• Setup support is supplied at no cost

• Provide your readers with instructional items they will use in their lives


• You may already have consistent tax service.

• The busy season lasts from January to April, while other months may be less busy.

5. Revolut for Business

Revolut for Business was created to help enterprises, corporations, and sole proprietors save money. It offers various subscription programmes to assist you manage your finances. It now handles and translates over 30 currencies and facilitates the sending and receiving of foreign payments.

Rate of Commission: Details are confidential and on hold.

Cookie Life Span: 30 Days


• Europe's fastest-growing fintech company across four programs

• You have the option of selecting whatever plan you want to be an affiliate for.


• Recurring payments

• Currently halted

6. Equifax

Equifax is a credit reporting organization that uses user data to calculate your credit score. It can generate credit reports, handle freezes, manage fraud alerts, and assist you in reaching your financial objectives. It also offers identity theft protection services, with plans that can be customized to accommodate your entire family.

Commission range: $10 to $40.

Cookie's Life Span: 30 Days


• Increase site traffic by giving industry-leading company credit report content

• Banners and creatives are provided


• There are special commissions available for top-performing affiliates.

• It is currently closed.
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