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New York: Reeves, however, couldn’t contain himself – his response was to burst out laughing at the mere mention of NFTS, the very notion of digital scarcity. And it wasn’t just a polite chuckle – the restrained starlet out an uncharacteristically loud cackle. after responding: They’re easily reproduced.”

Keanu Reeves punches holes in NFT fad Reddit

Keanu Reeves punches holes in NFT fad

"Can't we stop the Metaverse as it looks like a Facebook invented?" "He said.

Reeves also said he himself has nothing against Mark Zuckerberg's company. According to him, the idea of ​​a metaverse is much older than the idea of ​​a meta, in the virtual world, driven by bigtech companies, such as dystopia.

The actor also said that he received "cryptocurrencies" as a gift from his friend. He said he does not buy digital marketing but only owns it.

November 30 Warner Bros. released in an NFT package from Nifty's Marketplace, designed to match the upcoming release of "The Matrix: Resurrection". 100,000 tokens were sold per hour for $ 50 each.

When the guest asked Reeves about the nature of the problem, he said he had never been more interested in buying such digital assets.

After that, a The Verge reporter pointed out that NFT could not compromise. In response, the actor said that "they can start over quickly" and laughed.

What is NFT? 

NFT allows you to buy and sell proprietary digital assets and secure their ownership using blockchain. NFT stands for "non-fungible token" and can be used in any digital technology, including graphics, GIF animated, music, or video games.

 NFT can be a single type, like a real map, or a duplicate of a number, like a collected card, but the blockchain keeps the owner of the file.

The NFT has been making headlines recently, selling some for millions of dollars, and high-end memes like Nyan Cat and “treat it” sunglasses for sale. There is also a lot of talk about electricity consumption and the environmental impact of DTV. 

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