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Todays article all about. Vancouver CanucksPlayers COVID. Canucks players COVID.Van players COVID. Covid 19 enters into pro sport game. Two Vancouver Canucks players have been placed into COVID-19 protocol after testing positive for test.

COVID-19: Two Vancouver Canucks players test positive

In a official statement Tuesday, the team announced that defence man Luke Schenn and forward Juho Lammikko both have been tested positive after being tested in with the NHL’s COVID protocol.

The organization said that the team’s were travelling party all tested again for covid Tuesday morning and results from the tests are expected to be received prior to the game later in the day.

President Jim Rutherford told that to reporters Tuesday afternoon that it is not yet known how the players got COVID.

“Based on what I knew about last year, that was not an experience anybody wants,” he said. “Nobody wants that again.”

In the Last year, 21payers and four staff have been tested positive for COVID, forcing a postponement of the season.

The Canucks said that Enhanced health and safety measures are now being strictly implemented by the team, in coordination with the NHL
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